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    • JOIN US! Step 1: Troop 1109 Application here. Step 2: BSA Youth Application here.
    • Looking for a form, such as the BSA Health Form? Check here.
    • An Activity Consent Form signed by a parent or legal guardian is required for EVERY Troop 1109 outing. Please download it here, print, complete/sign, and give it to the Senior Patrol Leader by whatever deadline he has communicated.

    Merit Badge Counselors

    • For advancement in the troop, our scouts must earn merit badges (and the skills associated with them). They rely on merit badge counselors to help mentor and coach them. Troop 1109 and the family of BSA Troops that make up the Etowah District have a strong set of merit badge counselors but always need more help as Scouts leave the troop and new merit badges are introduced. Do you have a special skill or area of expertise that ligns up with a BSA merit badge? If so, please let us know! Contact the Scoutmaster or the Troop Advancement Chairperson, Ryan Edwards, to apply to become a merit badge counselor for Troop 1109!
    • Here’s more information about what it means to be a merit badge counselor.
    • Here’s more information about how your son can earn a merit badge.

    Uniform Standards