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  • Content on our private site is intended only for the youth members of Troop 1109, our adult volunteers and Troop 1109 parents. In order to access its content, you must be a member of the Troop and have a userid and password. Upon joining, you will automatically receive login credentials via email. If you’ve forgotten your password or are otherwise having difficulty accessing your TroopWebHost account, please contact the Webmaster.
  • Within TroopWebHost, you may:
    • Locate membership and advancement records
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    • Find important resources, including available merit badge counselors, forms and instructions
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Volunteer Adult Leaders


  • The troop is very lucky to have an outstanding team of trained, dedicated volunteer adult leaders.   If you are interested in becoming a registered volunteer working with scouts or supporting the administrative needs of the troop as member of our troop committee, we’d love for you to get involved! Please contact the Scoutmaster or our Troop Committee Chairperson, Alexandra (“Alex”) Gubbins at gubbins@belsouth.net
  • BSA Adult Leader application form: http://www.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/524-501.pdf



Interested in Joining Troop 1109?


  • Step 1: Contact Scoutmaster Britt Weber at scoutmaster@troop1109.org or troop committee member and new family liaison, Mr. Sean Spraetz at spraetz1@gmail.com.
  • Step 2: Visit us! We meet most Tuesday evenings at Lakeside MS in Cumming at 7:00PM. Your son is welcome to participate in troop activities and meet with the Scoutmaster to ask questions and learn about our program.
  • Step 3: Ready to sign up? Please complete and return to any uniformed adult leader a BSA Youth Application (found here) and BSA Health Form, Sections A and B. We stongly encourage you and your son to visit us in-person, as well as at least one other local BSA troop, before making a decision and applying to join Troop 1109. Every Boy Scout troop is a little different, so you want to be certain you’re making the BEST choice for YOU.
  • Step 4: (Optional). Tell us a bit more about yourself (your Scout) by completing a Troop 1109 Application form here.
  • Looking for a different form, such as the BSA Health Form? Check here.
  • An Activity Consent Form signed by a parent or legal guardian is required for EVERY Troop 1109 outing. Please download it here, print, complete/sign, and give it to the Senior Patrol Leader by whatever deadline he has communicated prior to each outing.



Merit Badge Counselors


  • For advancement to higher ranks in the Boy Scouts of America, scouts will work on and earn merit badges (and the skills associated with them). They will work with registered adult merit badge counselors who will help mentor and coach them, but each scout is responsible for driving this process. Troop 1109 and the family of BSA Troops that make up the Etowah District have a strong team of available merit badge counselors, but we always appreciate additional help. Do you have a special skill or area of expertise that ligns up with a BSA merit badge? If so, please let us know! Contact our Troop Advancement Chairperson, Mr. Ryan Edwards, with questions and to apply to become a merit badge counselor for Troop 1109!
  • Here’s more information about what it means to be a merit badge counselor.
  • Here’s more information about how your son can earn a merit badge.



Uniform Standards


  • Youth and registered, adult volunteer leaders: BSA Uniform Standards. Scouts attending weekly troop meetings, weekend outings or any function as a member of Troop 1109 should wear their complete Boy Scout Field Uniform (“Class A”).