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Rigging a tarp or dining fly provides shelter from the wind and rain and shade from the sun. I often use a tarp rather than a tent because there’s plenty of room to spread out and they can be rigged in many different configurations. My favorite tarps are tundra tarps manufactured from lightweight, strong siliconized nylon by Cooke’s Custom Sewing .

I use brightly colored paracord, it’s terrifically strong, lightweight and highly visible.  I carry several 20′ lengths in addition to the ones that stay tied to the tarp. I find it’s a lot easier to rig the tarp with the lines already attached rather than tying them on each time. Coiling them up using the technique shown here (the ‘tamale’) keeps them from getting tangled when I pack the tarp in it’s stuff sack. Gutter spikes make excellent, lightweight stakes and I always carry several with the tarp.